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Prop assemblies

 Prop assembly 1КД80.13.07.060

Main parameters 1КД80.13.07.060
Nominal operating pressure, MPa 32
Pressure-relief valve nominal setting pressure, MPa 39
Pressure-relief valve closing pressure, MPa 35
Hydraulic lock opening pressure, MPa 1,2
Hydraulic lock relief pressure, MPa 10
Internal diameter, mm 8(12)
Weight, kg 4,2
Hydraulic circuit schematic Reference designations

ЗМ –hydraulic lock;

КП – safety valve;

И – pressure indicator;

П – to head end of prop;

Ш – to rod end of prop;

Р – setting load from hydraulic distributor.

 Prop assembly БС 00.000

БС 00.000
Main parameters БС 00.000
Pressure-relief valve setting pressure, MPa 42
Pressure-relief valve opening pressure with pressure in piping stand, MPa
– With pressure 25 MPa 9
– With pressure 42 MPa 11
Weight, kg 3,45
Developer, institute «ShakhtNIUI»
Reference designations Hydraulic circuit schematic

A, A1 – slots for pressure feed to head end of prop;
B – safety valve slot;
B1 – pressure gauge mount slot;
B2 – mount slot with head end of prop;
St – link-up point with head end of prop;
St1, St2 – pressure feed slot for opening relief valve and slot into head end of prop.

Working fluid

Any oil-water sludge permissible to use in coal mining facilities, with purity class grade 15 and higher according to GOST 17216, and industrial oils with the same purity class.

БС 00.000