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МЭГ.00.000-01 electrohydraulic control assembly

Application of electrohydraulic control systems is a perspective advancement in mining industry development.

"МЭГ.00.000-01"High performance and labor safety in mining industry can be attained not only by improvements in coal mining technology and production technique, but also through reduction of labor-intensive and dangerous operations inside mining and development faces based on production processes automation. Electrohydraulic control assemblies «МЭГ» clearly serve this purpose.

Electrohydraulic control assembly МЭГ is intended for control over hydraulic power components of powered mine roof support. Implementing this type of control assemblies within mining face should allow achieving a significant increase in mining and extraction, labor safety and performance in longwall faces.

The assembly provides a possibility to control from 1 to 10 hydraulic cylinders.

Main technical specifications Basic hydraulic circuit schematic

Nominal pressure: 32 MPa.
Minimum pressure: 2,5 MPa.
Internal diameter: 12 mm.
Maximum pressure: 48 MPa.
Nominal DC voltage of electromagnetic drive: 12 V.
Nominal rating power:
- turn-on – 2 W;
- hold – 1 W.
Key pressure force of manual control, 4 N.
Dimensions, not more than:
- length 335 mm;
- width 171 mm;
- height 123 mm.
Weight, not more than: 40 kg.

Reference designations:
Н – hydraulic head line;
Р1..Р5 – electrohydraulic distributors;
Р6..Р10 – power supply distributors;
С – drain line;
У, У1, У2 – controls line;
ФП, ФС – filters;
Y1..Y10 – electromagnetic drive coil;
"Н" – head pressure;
"С" – drain;
"Ц1", "Ц2" – outs to hydraulic cylinders.