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Social policy

Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant currently employs approximately 3000 people of personnel. Continuous growth of production volume, enhancement of quality requirements calls upon both increase in new jobs and fitting new workplaces with modern manufacturing equipment, computers and office equipment, communication media, etc. All these tasks are successfully resolved within the plant.

Nonetheless, plant administration sees the further successful development of the enterprise not in equipping the plant with state-of-the-art, technologically advanced machinery and appliances – important as it might be – but rather in the people potential, people power, professional expertise and their interest in highly efficient, high quality labor. Therefore, the plant attaches paramount importance to advanced professional development, attraction of highly skilled and trained personnel, catering for favorable conditions for labor and leisure.

Bearing this aim in mind, the enterprise maintains continuous contracting (incl. fee-based) with leading Dnepropetrovsk higher education establishments, technical and vocational schools, general education establishments. Students are given opportunity to spend their internship on the plant or else, to try working with machinery or computer equipment on the premises during free-time gap in the education process and to acquire hands-on experience while being paid accordingly for the work conducted. Apart from being indisputably useful for students, this helps the enterprise with selection of the best individuals to be offered jobs upon their completion of education or even prior to the graduation, both in engineering positions and technical positions. This also facilitates the young to make a considerate choice of their career.

For students at Higher Education establishments the job at the engineering center might come as particularly challenging owing to high-tech nature of the center, equipped with state-of-the-art computer equipment dedicated to providing solutions to complex engineering & design tasks promptly and with utmost quality. It is quite clear that only few manufacturers in Ukraine can currently boast of having such a center at their disposal.

Salary and wages are on the constant rise at the rate of 15-20% per year, steadily staying at the average all-Ukrainian level. Skilled specialists have every additional opportunity to increase their wage and salary on a permanent basis with their own hands and brain. With this purpose the enterprise maintains various professional expertise contests, which bring on the winners to eventually face a substantial pay rise.

The enterprise secures social guarantees for its workers and employees in the form of social package, which includes medical examination at the medical department inherent in the structure of the enterprise, highly skilled and trained staff at the medical premises equipped with the best medical appliance. The workers and employees are also offered to spend their vacation at the seaside and river bank leisure facilities, which also belong to the structure and balance of the enterprise. Youth & family department in association with in-plant youth organization jointly organize various cultural, sports and entertainment events. The plant houses a gym, billiards and sauna. The plant endorses regular competitions in volleyball, football, chess; amateur performance clubs are widely hailed. Amateur volleyball team «Raketa» has won Europe’s Champion titles multiple times.

Best personnel has always been a crucial value of the plant and has always been forming the very core of engineering and production specialists elite of the plant forming the wealth and solid basis for plant’s advancement.

We always warmly welcome young workers and employees willing to achieve success and make their best to reach out for this achievement!