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Heat treatment manufacturing services

PJSC «Dnepropetrovsk aggregate plant» offers an extensive range of services for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of components and workpieces from structural steels, tool steels, high-speed steel as well as aluminum alloys. Each stage of the production process is inspected by quality control personnel using specialized control & measuring equipment: hardness-testing machines, optical gages, etc. A variety of sizes, dimensions, shapes and weights of components are acceptable and may be restricted solely by a functional size of the furnace and a necessity to arrange for supplementary equipment and tooling.

Heat treatment is performed with the following equipment:

  1. Box electric furnaces (hardening heating, annealing and normalizing);СБС type salt bath
  2. Salt baths (non-oxidation heating for hardening)
  3. Salt baths (for heat treatment of components made from high-speed steels type P18 (EN HS18-0-1 / HSv18-0-1; DIN HS18-0-1 / HS18-0-1; AFNOR HS18-0-1)
  4. Vacuum furnace (non-oxidation heating + quenching)
  5. Electricpit-type (shaft) heating furnaces (tempering of components)
  6. Electric low-temperature cabinets with maximum dimensions of working chamber as 1000х1000х1500 mm for ageing treatment of components manufactured from aluminum alloys.
  7. Hardening tanks (hardening oils, emulsions, water)

Chemical-thermal treatment for components and instruments

Our enterpriserenders corresponding services in the field of carburization (case-hardening), nitride hardening, sulphidizing of components used in machine-building and tool-making production. Our technological capacities allow surface treatment of various components, tools and equipment made from a wide range of steel grades according to general specifications.

  1. Carburization inside a box furnace:
    • Environment: solid carburizing agent, maximum muffle dimensions:d-280mm, h-280mm.
    • Material: structural steels 12ХН3А (AFNOR 10NC11, 14NC11 / DIN-WNr 12Ni14, 1.5732, 14NiCr10, 14NiCr14)and 12Х2Н4А (AFNOR 13NiCr14 / DIN-WNr 1.5752, 14NiCr14, X12Ni5).
    • Carburized layer: 0,4 – 1,2 mm (1,5 – 1,7 mm maximum).
    • Hardness: : >56 HRc.
  2. Nitride hardening inside pit-type (shaft) furnaces:
    • Environment: ammonia (liquid ammonia supplier by drop method).
    • Material: structural steels 30Х3ВА.
    • Nitrationlayer: 0,15-0,35 mm (0,55 mm).
    • Hardness: >500 HV; >800 HV.
  3. Sulfidizing in crucible furnaces:
    • Environment: potassium sulphocyanate salts and ammonium rhodanate salts
    • Bowldimensions: d-180х350mm/8Lof melt;
    • Material: structural steels, machine steels