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TESA Micro-Hite 3D DCC measuring machines

Coordinate-measuring machine performs automated three-dimensional measuring of complex geometric configuration components with further measurement recording based on «PC-Dmis CAD++» software package.

Coordinate-measuring machine allows performing control operations over the following parameters:

  • Positional hole pattern
  • Eccentricity of rotation (radial runout)
  • Face runout
  • Coaxiality deviation
  • Flatness deviation
  • Parallel misalignment
  • Deviation of perpendicularity
  • Concentricity
  • Deviation of longitudinal section form
TESA Micro-Hite 3D DCC coordinate-measuring machine
Measurement range: axis X – from 0 to 600 mm;
axis Y – from 0 to 950 mm; axis Z – from 0 to 430 mm.
Basic absolute error range
for dimensional point measuring, not more than:
±(2.5 + 3.9(L/1000)) µm, where L – measured length in mm.

PC-DMIS software bundle allows in-depth data collection regarding the complex components by means of surface scanning of the corresponding parts. The bulk of information can be used in combination with CAD-system to ensure correct comparison of the measured data with nominal values.