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3КД90.16.07.170 lock assembly

Main parameters 3КД90.16.07.170
Nominal operating pressure, MPa 32
Pressure-relief valve setting pressure, MPa 39
Pressure-relief valve closing pressure, MPa 35
Hydraulic lock relief pressure, MPa 8
Internal diameter, mm 8
Weight, kg 4,2
Hydraulic circuit schematic Reference designations

Ш – to slot Ш of prop assembly;
Р – to slot Р of prop assembly;
ГП – to hydraulic cartridge;
ЗМ – single-sided hydraulic lock;
КП – safety valve.

Working fluid

Any oil-water sludge permissible to use in coal mining facilities, with purity class grade 15 and higher according to GOST 17216, and industrial oils with the same purity class.