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Control units (en-bloc)

En-bloc control units are intended for controlling hydraulic props and hydraulic advancing cylinders of powered roof support units and sections.

JSC «DAP» manufactures en-bloc control units with a range of modifications depending on a type of powered roof support or mining machine as well as regarding the number of operational functions.

Below marked are the characteristics of en-bloc control units most frequently employed within powered roof supports of type КД80, КД90, 1КД99, ДМ, ДТ, КТК.

1КД99.11.07.020-04 1КД99.11.07.020
1КД99.11.07.020-04 1КД99.11.07.020
1КД99.11.07.020-02 2КТК.01.20.030
1КД99.11.07.020-02 2КТК.01.20.030
Main parameters 1КД99.11.07.020 1КД99.11.07.020-02 1КД99.11.07.020-04 2КТК.01.20.030
Hydraulic distributor РСД-10 РСД-05 РСД-05 РСД-10
Hydraulic distributors per assembly 4 4 3 5
Quantity of functions 8 8 6 10
Control mode manual manual manual manual
Internal diameter, mm 8 8 8 8
Lever pressure force of manual control, N not more than 1,0 18,0 18,0 1,0
Quantity of mounting slots
 – diameter 14 mm 7 3 5 6
 – diameter 18 mm 3 7 3 6
Weight, kg 20 17 14 25
Developer, institute DONGIPROUGLEMASH