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Tool production

PJSC «Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant» wields an extensive range of machinery equipment encompassing a wide variety of production objectives throughout the manufacturing process from workpiece preparation to obtaining the finished product. Our production is capable of handling a variety of tasks for tool production, including:

  • Cutting tools, special cutting tools, high-speed cutting tools and carbide-tipped tools.Пресс-форма
  • Circular thread-rolling dies, profiled rollers, knurling tools, seaming rollers and marking rollers; cutting dies, bending dies, forming dies; burnishing tools; cold extrusion and cold heading instruments.
  • Die-casting molds for metals and plastics.
  • Cold-stamping dies.
  • Die tooling and casting tooling; hot- and cold-forming dies; pressure die-casting dies; precision casting dies; gravity die casting tooling; sand-casting forms and core boxes.
  • Patter equipment from aluminum, textolite (fabric-based laminate) and molding plates for foundries and casting departments.

Tool production capabilities of our enterprise include the following:

Type of item Working area
dimensions, mm * mm * mm
Dimensions and weight
of items, max
Working parts precision,
quality grade
Specials machine tooling for turning lathes, milling machines, boring machines, grinding machines, etc
Jig plates   500 кг grade 7
Cams for turning lathes 300×300×300 150 кг grade 7
Toolholders D150, L300 100 кг grade 5
Arbors / Drivers  
Outline, round templates L200, B50 L200, B50 grade 4
Cutters for centreless grinding and tools for knurling machines L400, B200 L400, H200, B20  
Specials cutting tools, high-speed cutting tools and carbide-tipped tools
End-milling cutters, side milling cutters, form milling cutters, engraving cutters D100, L300 D150, L450 7 кв.
Reamers, end reamers, chamfer bits, drills KM5, D60, L250 D60, L400 grade 7
Cutting tools 30×40×200 30×40×200  
Screw taps M60, L400 M60, L400 2 кл.
Cast-iron laps D60, L300 D60, L300  
Sharpening and restoration of cutting properties for standard and shaped end-cutting tools KM4, D60, L300 D60, L300 grade 5
Fabrication tools
Circular thread-rolling dies D150, L80 D150, L80 According to GOST
Profiled rollers, Knurling tools, seaming rollers and marking rollers D250, L200 D250, L200 6
Cutting dies 150×80   micron-grade
Bending dies, Forming dies 500×400×350 0,4 т  
Cold extrusion and cold heading instruments D25, L120 D80  
Die tooling and casting tooling
Cold-stamping and liquid-forging dies 500×400×350 0,4 т  
Pressure die-casting tooling  
Precision casting dies  
Gravity die casting tooling  
Casting molds for plastics  
Sand-casting forms and core boxes  
Control and measurement tools
Snap gages 195×115 300×250 grade 5
Flat and curve gages
Plain gages D150, L100 L150; L400 grade 4
Bore gages, material: rubber L400 D150, L400 grade 6
Varied tools for parts parameters inspection, equipped with mechanical indicators as well as electronic indicators  

Our enterprise offers a variety of services for production of special-purpose insert tool holders (for turning lathes, milling machines) for tool tips/cutting blades produced by leading worldwide known manufacturing companies.
kaliberThe catalogue of special purpose tool holders is available for download at this location (.pdf in Russian).

PJSC «Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant» specializes in the production of small batches of non-standard products:

  • including design and parts parameters elaboration according to customer’s specification;
  • including engineering and design considerations regarding the issues of production, operation and maintenance of tools and tooling (increasing tools and tooling durability and operating capabilities; restoration of cutting edges for high-speed cutting tools and carbide-tipped tools);
  • including development of corresponding required drawings for tooling and tools according to customer’s technical specifications or for new non-standard technological developments.