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РСД hydraulic distributors

РСД hydraulic distributors are intended for local (manual) and remote hydraulic control of hydraulic props, hydraulic advancing cylinders of powered roof support unit, hydraulic advancers, hydraulic cylinders of other mining machines as well as for remote control of coal-winning assemblies, remote hydraulic advancers and hydraulic cylinders of other automated mining machines.


  • РСД-03 – for local (manual) control, double-levers;
  • РСД-05 – for local (manual) control, single-lever;
  • РСД-10 – for local (manual) control with embedded key – operated pilot.




РСД-03  РСД-05 РСД-10
Main parameters РСД-03 РСД-05 РСД-10
Nominal pressure, MPa 32±1,5
Minimum pressure, MPa 6 6 15
Internal diameter, мм 8
Quantity of control lines 6
Hydraulic resistance with rated consumption, MPa 3,0...4,0
Rated consumption, l/min 100±5
Maximum consumption, л/мин 120±6
Key pressure or lever pressure force of manual control, N, not more than 180 180 10
Climatic class moderate
Installation conditions category according to GOST 15150 5
Operating temperature, °С +5...+50
Overall dimension, mm, not more than      
– length 160 260 160
– width 80 80 80
– heigth 100 40 55
Weight, kg, not more than 2,2 1,9 2,8

Developer: DONGIPROUGLEMASH Institute