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About us

PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY «DNIPROPETROVSK AGGREGATE PLANT» is a large enterprise wielding 90 years of experience in mechanical engineering and machine building.

Founded in 1927, «DNIPROPETROVSK AGGREGATE PLANT» JSC has transformed from a small workshop manufacturing teaching aids into one of the largest industrial manufacturers of high-technology solutions and equipment exported to 14 countries, including EU, China and India. Highly mobile and flexible production allows for manufacturing high-precision mechanics, precision hydraulics and special electric drives for various industrial sectors.

High-capacity CNC machines, plasma and laser cutting equipment enable manufacturing quality goods compliant with European standards. Quality and reliability of the output production are ensured by hefty engineering & design potential and are further guaranteed by a quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001-2009 standard (ISO 9001:2008, IDT).

Vladimir Naumov

Chairman of The Board
V.G. Naumov

We are open to cooperate with all the potential partners valuing experience, stability and reliability of solid partnership.

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