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Collective agreement

A collective agreement is concluded between an employer, hereinafter Public Joint-Stock Company «Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant», and enterprise’s worker and staff, represented by labor union committee for a period of two years and is ratified at the all-enterprise conference.

Agreement’s validity is effective upon all the enterprise employees and workers.

Collective agreement includes the following sections:

  • Production & economic activity
  • Remuneration
  • Work-rest cycle
  • Occupational safety and Health administration
  • Social guarantees and benefits
  • Workers’ participation in enterprise management

The subject of the given agreement is the guarantees and benefits provided by the plant administration, primarily extended guarantees and fringe benefits as compared to the existing legislation and branch tariff agreement, in particular extended to following issues:

  • not to permit redundancies above 4% of the total enterprise labor force during one calendar year; night work is to be remunerated with 35% of tariff wage rate per each hour of work;
  • workers on a sick leave with corresponding certificate during their unpaid leave (administration endorsed) are to receive full sick-leave certificate payment at the expense of enterprise profits according to the decision by social insurance commission;
  • to retain vacation with fixed duration term for all worker, whose job at the enterprise started prior to 01/01/2000;
  • annual basic vacation leave – 28 calendar days;
  • annual arduous and harmful working conditions vacation – according to current legislation and normative legal acts;
  • provide the worker with three-day paid leave in the event of worker’s or employee’s marriage;
  • relieve the worker of work for up to three-day term and provide him with a paid leave in the case of death of a relative;
  • worker’s birthday, occurring on the work day, is to be considered a holiday, paid according to average wage rate;
  • non-smoker workers are to be allowed 1 extra day, paid, to be added to basic vacation leave;
  • to provide members of volunteer fire brigade (VFB) with additional paid leave up to 3 days per year, commander of VFB – up to 4 days per year;
  • to provide medical control over the health status of pregnant women on the enterprise. According to the recommendation by medical commission – to provide those with free milk, 0.5 L per day;
  • to render medical care and assistance to all retired labor veterans through enterprise medical institution;
  • to manage voluntary medical insurance of workers and employees against diseases and accidents at the expense of workers and enterprise balance;
  • to purchase vouchers to children’s health camps for workers’ children at the expense of social insurance and social development fund;
  • to provide priority distribution of vouchers to sanatoriums, recreational facilities and holiday centers to: the Great Patriotic War veterans, other war conflicts veterans, the disabled, mothers of large families, donors and participants of Chernobyl disaster containment procedures;
  • large families and children from single mothers are to be issued holiday vouchers on a preferential and favorable basis;
  • to procure help for home renovation to all the Great Patriotic War veterans and labor veterans, as well as single retired labor veterans in accordance with estimate expenditures sheets;
  • to provide preferential payment conditions for trip vouchers to enterprise-funded recreational center and seaside health complex;
  • to provide a lump-sum payment to a worker upon him reaching retirement age and having necessary pensionable service term (including preferential payment status) in an amount:
    • average monthly wage – with 10-20 years of uninterrupted service – but not less than 500 hryvnias and not more than 1500 hryvnias;
    • two-month average wage – with over 20 years of uninterrupted service – but not less than 1000 hryvnias and not more than 2500 hryvnias;
  • to provide a lump-sum payment of 500 hryvnias on the purpose of interment of worker’s family member (father, mother, husband, wife, daughter, son) in dependence on the worker or receiving a pension;
  • in case of need, a worker is allowed an interest-free loan of 1500 hryvnias for a period of 6 months to cover an interment of worker’s relative;
  • in the case of interment of enterprise workers and enterprise labor veterans on retirement, the coffin, transportation for its delivery and provision of hearse (20 L fuel) are to be carried out at the enterprise expense;
  • to provide a cash payment for coffin and hearse provision for interment of worker’s relatives;
  • to provide loans for individual housing construction and high-price items purchase for enterprise personnel;
  • to provide one-time financial aid or valuable present to young workers for first-time marriage;
  • to provide front-rank workers and most qualified specialist with 50% discount travel vouchers to recreation and leisure facilities;
  • to award young workers for active participation in mass sports and cultural events;
  • to provide a one-time cash benefit to workers with official attainment of majority in an amount of 200 hryvnias;
  • to provide a one-time cash benefit to workers with children entering 1st year of school education in an amount of 200 hryvnias and to relieve them from work on September, 1st with paid leave;
  • to provide large and lone-parent families with children under 18 y.o. with a cash benefit of 150 hryvnias per each child every International Day of the Child;
  • to provide orphan workers under 20 y.o. with free housing at the youth dormitory;
  • to provide a one-time cash benefit for individuals, transferred to the reserve from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and employed at the enterprise, according to the existing regulations;
  • to partially cover the housing rent (in the amount of 75% of minimum monthly wage) for young specialists from another location/town/city under 30 y.o., graduates from higher education, technical secondary education and specialized education establishment and for specialists with short-supply specializations (lathe operators, milling machine operator, CNC machine operator, grinder operator, thread grinding specialist, gear-cutting specialist).