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Newspaper «VPERED»

An intra-plant social & political newspaper «VPERED» (Russian for «Advance!», «Go Forth!», «Go Ahead!») of Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant started its activity as long back as in 1957, when the first issue of the newspaper saw the light. It is needless to say how important was the press at that time since all the aspects of plant’s functioning and its labor life were given highlight in the newspaper.

It is to be mentioned that in the years of enterprise development the importance of the in-plant newspaper has never dwindled. The newspaper always covered the most crucial events in the life of an enterprise, to familiarize oneself with the latest plant’s news and developments. Unfortunately, in 1992 the issue of the newspaper was brought to a halt. The newspaper has not been issued for 16 years then.

Nevertheless, in year 2008 the then chairman of the board Morozenko Evgeniy Vadimovich takes a decisive action to renew the publishing of a so-much needed press medium. Over the last years since its re-launch, the newspaper has again become a forefront of enterprise’s public opinion and a «mirror» of social events and working processes at the plant grounds.

The newspaper covers a vast quantity of issues with fully unprejudiced view – positive experience of workers, flaws and mistakes in work; it gives the readers the news about the enterprise, its partners, interesting events in its social and cultural life, it highlights production successes and workers» leisure, celebrates plant’s talented and gifted workers and employees, gives way to their art on the pages of the newspaper.

The paper itself has the following rubrics: «In the limelight», «Personality», «Enterprise monthly results and returns», «About health», «Aviation digest», «Mining industry highlights», «Congratulations», etc.

Dnepropetrovsk aggregate plant is a «talent foundry» for young sportsmen and hardly any issue goes in print without sports news.

Since 2012, a jubilee year for the plant, the newspaper incorporates a special inherent rubric dedicated to plant’s operational history and main people who played a significant part in enterprise’s rise and development: directors, principal engineers, designers, workshop foremen.

Nowadays the paper is published in 8 pages monthly with a circulation of 999 copies. The publishing board runs the long-standing traditions of its predecessors in linking the workers, the employees, the plant management, in highlighting successes and failures, achievements and perspectives of the plant.