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DC electric engine ДП80-10-6

Non-reversible series-wound DC electric engines ДП80-10-6 are intended for powering wide range of mechanisms and machines.
With reference to inherent electric trauma safeguarding methods, engines belong to class 0 according to GOST
Rotating direction ndash; counter-clockwise (on the running end of the shaft).

 Main parameters ДП80-10-6
Nominal shaft power, W; not less than 10 ДП80-10-6
Power supply voltage, V 16
Input current, А; not more than 2
Rotation rate, rpm 6000
Shaft rotation moment, N*m; not less than 0,015
Efficiency factor, not less than % 30
Operational mode (ГОСТ 183) continuous S1
Climatic class (ГОСТ 15150)) moderate-cold 2
Dimensions, mm; not more than
– length 121
– width 105
– heigth 160
Weight, kg; not more than 2,2

Developer: PJSC «Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant»