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ГСД hydraulic circuit schematic


Reference designations

Н – head;
С1, С2 – drain;
Ц1, Ц2 – connective cavities of hydraulic cylinders;
Р1, Р2 – piloted distributors;
Р3, Р4 – power distributors;
Ф1, Ф2 – pilot filters;
Ф3 – power filter;
У1, У2 – control cavites;
КО1, КО2 – back-pressure valves;
А1, А2 – venting cavities П1, П2.


Working fluid

Any oil-water sludge permissible to use in coal mining facilities, with purity class grade 15 and higher according to GOST 17216, and industrial oils with the same purity class.

Developer: DONGIPROUGLEMASH Institute