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Aircraft units and assemblies

Production of aviation/aircraft units and assemblies at the plant dates back to 1940. Nowadays, the plant specializes in manufacturing hydraulic control systems (electro-hydraulic distributors and special purpose valves), fuel pumps (electric-driven centrifugal pumps, engine-driven centrifugal pumps, axial-piston pumps, ejector pumps, etc.) for military and civil aviation, electric machines and electric engines for varied purposes, general mechanical rubber goods.

Over 500 items and item modifications, manufactured by JSC «DAP», are operated by each and every airplane and helicopter of Russian or Ukrainian production.

The plant employs a full production cycle of aviation assemblies – from a work piece to a fully operational unit. The plant functions in compliance with a Quality Management System Certificate of ISO9001 standard, issue 2008, and a national quality management standard ISO 9001:2009 IDT.

Among our partners are the largest Russian, Ukrainian and foreign enterprises engaged in engineering and construction design, production, reconstruction, repairs, maintenance and operation of aircrafts.